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You can buy pieces listed here or have them custom made. If you have a plan, picture, sketch or even just an idea about what you would like me to build, please contact me. I can also easily reproduce items shown in the Furniture and Crafts pages that are not listed here. Please contact me for pricing and shipping of those items.

I will refund the shipping fee if you pick up the item from my shop (574 Boston Ave. Medford, MA). I can deliver free of charge within a 25 mile radius of my shop. In that case I will also refund the shipping fee.

You can order the items listed here through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still use a major credit card.

All purchases made in Massachusetts or by a Massachusetts resident are subject to Massachusetts sales tax (6.25%).

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and will be added at the time of purchase. You can choose your carrier at that time. I have found that FedEx is the most responsible carrier but also fairly expensive. Please contact me at 617 388-0932 to determine shipping cost.

Butternut Gargoyle

Butternut Gargoyle Carving

This wall hanging sculpture is based upon a design I saw in a book on gargoyles. The screaming face of a fantasy figure rests upon a keystone as you would find in the center of a medieval arch.

This decorative element is easier to hang than a picture. It has a keyhole slot at the back. All you need is one #8 wood screw. The screw slides right into the keyhole and secures itself. The gargoyle is 10" high and 5" wide at the top and about 3" deep. All of my gargoyles are hand carved. This model is made from butternut, a worderful wood to carve with a spectacular grain. All gargoyles are finished with Tried and True polymerized linseed oil and then buffed using Menzerna buffing compound.Nutmeg gel stain is used for the shading to bring out the dimension of some elements.

Price: $200.00

Mahogany Gargoyle

Mahogany Gargoyle Carving

This gargoyle is the same size as the butternut one above but is made from Honduran mahogany. Each gargoyle, no matter what material, is individually carved by hand resulting in an individual design. You may specify slight changes for your gargoyle. For instance, you might like different eyes or nose.

The finish is also Tried and True polymerized linseed oil but the shading is done in a black acrylic wash.

Price: 200.00

Oak Limbert Tabourette

White Oak Limbert Tabourette

Arts & Crafts reproduction of a Limbert Tabourette that appeared in Charles P. Limbert Co.'s 1905 furniture catalog. More curves than you will find in other Arts and Crafts designs. An interesting rabbet joint holds the entire lower portion together.

Material is quartersawn white oak. The finish is gel stain that is nearly indistinguishable form ammonia fuming followed by several coats of clear (and quite strong) Liberon finishing oil.

Dimensions: 26" high, 16" diameter top, 10 1/2" square bottom shelf.

Price: 500.00

Cherry Limbert Tabourette Cherry Limbert Tabourette

This is the same Limbert Tabourette as shown above but the material is cherry. The finish is Sam Maloof Poly/Oil.

Dimensions: 26" high, 16" diameter top, 10 1/2" square bottom shelf.

Price: 500.00

Oak Book Stand

White Oak Adjustable Book Stand

This book stand was made for a client who does a lot of reading but has severe neck problems. I did some research and found that I could solve his problem by canting the stand at 22 degrees which seems to be an ergonomic standard.

The front of the shelf is attached with brass knurled knobs that ride in a track. This allows the customer to firmly hold any size book at any given page. The shelf can be placed in any of the slots, allowing for differing book heights and even envelopes. It can also be used as a desk mounted music stand. The shelf is held in place by two pivoting clock-hand-like devices. There is even a slot at the front of the stand for writing instruments.

I made the book stand in quartered white oak with an Arts and Crafts stain that resembles ammonia fuming. I finished it off with several coats of Liberon finishing oil. A hard finish that is becoming my favorite.

The stand is covered in black felt on the bottom to prevent table finish marring.

The book stand can be made in the wood of your choosing and stained to your specifications (or not).

Price: $180.00

Greene & Greene Side Table Greene & Greene Side Table

This table was inspired by a Greene & Greene design. The main difference is that my cloud lift pattern is more sinuous than the pattern used by the Greene brothers.

Like all Greene & Greene furniture, the breadboard ends are proud of the table and chamfered ebony pegs are used to hide joinery.

The finish will hold up well to sweating cold glasses. It is Waterlox Original sealer/finish. Waterlox is a tung oil finish that is very water resistant. It's hand applied with a clean lint-free rag and natural badger bristle brush. I use varying grades of Micromesh to smooth out the finish after a few coats. I use quite a few light coats (losing track of just how many most times).

Dimensions: 19" wide x 24" long x 23" high
                   Base is 16 1/2" wide x 19 1/2" long

Price: $800.00

Limbert Coffee Table Limbert Elliptical Coffee Table

I made this large elegant coffee table in the style of Arts and Crafts designer Limbert. Material is hand picked quarter sawn white oak, gel stained to mimic ammonia fuming. Finish is satin Waterlox which produces a very hard surface yet soft looking appearance.

Dimensions: 27 5/8" wide x 36 3/4" long x 19 3/4" high
                   Bottom shelf: 24 1/4" long by 14 3/4" wide

Price: $1000.00


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